Project Description
A plug-in for PostSharp aimed to automate state management in ASP.NET controls. It enables storing field / properties values of controls just by decorating them with custom attribute. One can also decide if he wants to store value in ViewState or ControlState.

Detailed project description

Installation guide
  1. Install PostSharp from
  2. Download binaries from this site (either debug or release) and copy them to ypur PostShart plugin folder. Binary archive should also contain .psplugin file which is an XML file describing the plugin.

Usage guide
  1. In project where you want to use PostSharp4ViewState (usually a control library or a web application project) you should reference PostSharp4ViewState and PostShart.Public assemblies.
  2. Use Persist attributes for fields or properties of your controls and pages which should be stored between postbacks.

  1. To use PostSharp4ViewState with VisualStudio WebSites PostSharpAspNet is required.

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